A $300 million restaurant will open in Detroit’s Little Five Points

By Business Insider Staff Detroit’s Big Five restaurants are opening fast, and they’re opening in the most diverse areas of the city.

The Detroit Restaurants Association announced Wednesday that it is moving forward with plans to open the first restaurant in Little Five Point, a neighborhood of nearly 1,200 homes and businesses located on the edge of downtown.

The group hopes to open in 2018.

It plans to hire around 50 full- and part-time workers, according to the Detroit Business Alliance, which has spearheaded the effort.

The Little Five points restaurants will be located in the neighborhood, with a focus on the food and wine scene, according the association.

The restaurant group has already signed leases with Detroit restaurateurs and other restaurants in the area, including Red Fox and the Bistro at the Old Post Office.

Red Fox, the Red Fox on Grand River, opened its doors in November.

Bistrot’s restaurant on Old Post has been open for about a year.

The association said it is the first of its kind in the city, with restaurants slated to open later this year in the neighborhoods of Brighton Park and Midtown.

The new restaurants will help fill a void in the region, said Rick Williams, the association’s executive director.

“The restaurants have the opportunity to connect with people and create a vibrant, inclusive environment that’s a part of the local economy,” Williams said.

Little Five Park is home to many of the Little Five restaurants, including the restaurant at the old post office, which opened in November 2016.

It also hosts a number of restaurants, and is a hub for cultural events and live music.

A second Little Five restaurant is slated to be built in Little Fourteenth and Little Fifteenth avenues.

Little Fifteen, a three-story building in the same neighborhood, is scheduled to open by late 2019.

Detroit is the largest city in the country with more than 1 million people and more than 100,000 restaurants.

The number of Little Five Five restaurants is growing rapidly.

In November, Little Fifield Restaurant & Lounge was founded, and in April, the new Bistros opened their doors at the New Post Office in the Little Fourteen area.

Little Fourfifteenth Avenue, Little Fourtyth Avenue and the Old Port have also been designated Little Five-Fifth Avenue.

The city has a total of about 1,600 restaurants, according a 2014 report by the nonprofit Partnership for Neighborhood Growth.