Which are the best restaurants in Melbourne?

Melbourne’s hottest restaurants have been chosen to have the biggest impact on local business over the next two years.

With a mix of traditional and trendy, we’ve selected the most interesting dining options for locals and tourists.

Here’s what we’ve picked to see which are the biggest and best for dining in Melbourne.

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Marlborough’s Restaurant at The D’Antonio, 5-7 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, (08) 9298 3200. 

Marlboro’s opened in 2014 as a joint venture between the restaurant chain The D’,Antonios and the Melbourne-based chef and restaurateur Anthony Bourdain.

Its flagship location at The Sydney Opera House offers a taste of the modern dining experience.

The restaurant boasts a range of entrees, soups and salads and also has a variety of wine and beer.

Its owners say the restaurant offers a “unique menu” and the staff are always on hand to assist customers.

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Mason’s restaurant at The Caird, 3-4 Richmond Street, Melbourne. 

A popular hangout for Melbourne’s young professionals, Mason’s offers a wide range of services including cooking and serving up a range, from lunchtime to late night.

Owner and chef Matthew Mason has worked in a number of restaurants in the Melbourne area and he’s made the decision to open a new one in his hometown.

Its a classic Victorian dining experience with a modern twist, but the menu is not quite as well known as some of Melbourne’s other top-tier restaurants.

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O’Brien’s Restaurant, 14-16 Macquarie Street, Sydney. 

Owner and head chef Tom O’Brien is a renowned chef who has won multiple awards at the Sydney Food Awards, including Best Restaurant in the State of New South Wales, Best Chef of Australia, and Australian Restaurant of the Year.

His restaurant serves a variety menu of Australian and international cuisine, including seafood, vegetarian, veggie and fruit and veggie burgers.

Its been named Australia’s best restaurant by Sydney Morning Herald, the Sydney Morning Telegraph, the Australian and New Zealand Herald and the Sydney Business Times.

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The New England Restaurant at Stirling House, 7-11-15 Queen Street, Perth, (09) 9227 3180. 

The New York-based restaurant chain Stirling has been a long-time fixture in Melbourne’s dining scene. 

Located in the former offices of the famous restaurant St. Regis in the heart of Perth, it is an old-fashioned, old-school dining experience which features a wide variety of courses. 

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The restaurant has recently opened a new location in a renovated former bank building, which is set to become its first Melbourne restaurant in four years.Read More:

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