When the price of a meal starts at Rs 2.5 lakh: A guide to the city’s top restaurants


— A little while ago, a restaurant owner in Tallahassee, Florida, started noticing something odd.

His customers, who were mostly Hispanic and from Mexico, were spending more on his menu than on other restaurants.

The owner noticed they were paying an extra $1,800 for a large steak, $1.50 for a hamburger and $2.50 on a fish and chips.

He took it to the management of a nearby Mexican restaurant.

The owner said the manager told him to keep paying the extra.

“I had a sense of urgency,” the owner, Luis Manuel Guzman, said.

Guzman said he was eventually told that the extra was part of a strategy that restaurants were using to drive up the price they charge.

Customers were buying more and more items and the owner was paying them higher prices.

The extra cost the restaurant owner almost $30,000, Guzman said.

Guzman has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump’s administration’s immigration policies and has vowed to fight them.

He has been fired from his job at the restaurant, and the Trump administration revoked his visa.

The restaurant has since been closed.

In Florida, many of the state’s largest cities are on lockdown after two men killed three people in a shooting on Sunday in the small town of Lakeland.

The man who was killed was a man who had been deported four times, authorities said.

It was the second shooting in Lakeland in less than a month, prompting a statewide lockdown and urging people to remain inside until further notice.

The Florida Highway Patrol, the state fire marshal’s office and the U.S. Marshals Service are on the scene, and law enforcement officials are urging people not to drive and to stay home from work, school or the grocery store.

They said they would not let any residents out of their homes, including the president, at this time.