What’s the difference between a restaurant and a hotel?

What’s a hotel and what’s a restaurant?

 Both are business establishments, but in the Indian context, they’re both different entities.

The hotel and the restaurant are distinct entities, and the same goes for the restaurants.

When it comes to defining hotels and restaurants, both are considered hotels, and it is not uncommon for hotels to be located within cities and towns.

When a hotel is located within a city or town, it is known as a town hotel, or a town guest house.

In the Indian legal system, a town is defined as a place where residents can have a place of residence.

While the term hotel is usually associated with a hotel, the term can also apply to any structure, whether it’s a residence, a business or any other form of enterprise.

There are many definitions of hotels in the legal system.

Some of them, such as hotel, motel and guest house, refer to a place or property used as a residence or business.

However, the definition of hotel also encompasses a number of other establishments such as restaurants, shops, hotels and apartments.

An apartment is a place used as an apartment.

A hotel is a business establishment.

These are the definitions of the terms hotel and restaurant, and their definitions are subject to change depending on the time and place.

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