Chicken restaurant in Columbia closed by owner after racist Facebook post

A Columbian restaurant owner is facing a backlash after posting a racist Facebook status about his Chinese customers and an alleged assault by a Black customer, according to reports.

The owner of a Chinese restaurant in the Columbians’ capital, Colombo, has been banned from all his restaurants and ordered to pay compensation to the Black woman who filed a complaint against him.

The restaurant in a suburb of Colombo is owned by the owner’s wife, the Daily Star reported.

The Black woman told police that she was sexually assaulted by the husband while the husband was drunk.

The couple is believed to be in their late 50s, according the Daily Express.

The Colombo Post reported that the Black man accused of the assault, whom police called the Black Widow, claimed to have been threatened with violence after reporting him to the police.

She claimed that she saw the husband, who had been drinking, and her husband assault her and a colleague.

The man was also accused of raping a Black woman in a hotel.

Police said that they were investigating the case and that the woman could face up to seven years in prison if convicted.

The incident comes as racial tensions in Colombo have grown in recent months amid an influx of migrants and refugees from the war in South Sudan.

The number of Black people living in Colombia has risen to over 15 percent, and more than half of the population of the country is Black, according TOKYO News.

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