Which new restaurants will open in Newport Beach?

Newport Beach restaurants are gearing up for an influx of new restaurants, as fast food restaurants and restaurants in the area have already signed deals to open new locations.

Fox 5 has the details.

Newport Beach restaurants will start opening up in the coming months, as the city’s mayor and the restaurant industry push to get the city back on track.

Mayor Linda D’Ancona announced that her office has signed a deal with a number of local restaurants to open two new restaurants in Newport on June 1, 2018.

The new restaurants are located at the former Newport Beach Convention Center on East Newport Boulevard, which will open up to a dozen new restaurants by 2019.

The city will also build a new hotel, which has yet to be named.

D’Anoncas office also announced that a new, high-end restaurant, The Red Door, will open at the New Brighton Hotel.

The new restaurant is expected to open by late 2018, and will be the first new eatery in Newport for at least four years.

A total of 16 restaurants are expected to be added to the city in the next year.

In a press conference at City Hall, D’ Ancona said that the new restaurants would provide residents with more choices.

“We have some amazing restaurants coming on the market, but if you want to make a quick stop in Newport, we have a number that will be ready to go for you,” she said.

“There will be more than 150 restaurants in this city.

It’s a new way of living.”

Newport has more than 8,000 restaurants in its downtown, but only a handful of restaurants are new.

D’Annunzio said that more new restaurants is good for the city and businesses.

“It’s a positive thing that we have the opportunity to be part of that,” she added.

D’ Anoncassio said the Newport Beach Restaurants Association is planning a public forum for the new businesses to explain their plans and the impact the city will have on the community.