The best burger in Nashville is now owned by a burger company

A french restaurant in Nashville has won the award for best burger and restaurant in the nation for the third consecutive year.

The award was given out by the American Institute of Culinary Education, which is affiliated with the Culinary Institute of America.

The restaurant in Davidson was voted as the best burger by the public by the Culine Institute’s Top 100 list, which was voted on by more than 1,000 experts.

The winner of the prestigious award was also voted the top-ranked restaurant in all of the 50 states.

Davidson, Tenn.

is home to some of the state’s finest restaurants.

The restaurant was named the best in the country for the fourth consecutive year by the National Association of Culineaters.

The Culineati also named the Davidson location the best place to enjoy French cuisine in the Southeast, in a survey that was published this year.

The winners are chosen by an expert panel and the public.

The Top 100 includes restaurants that are recognized for their quality, innovation and cuisine.

The winners are ranked based on their scores for the Top 100 of a national survey.

The top 10 restaurants earn top honors and top ranking in the Top 10 of a regional ranking.

The Culineate has an international reputation for its excellence in culinary excellence.

The awards are made every two years, and the organization’s top 10 chefs are also honored with the prestigious Top Chef award.

The Top Chef awards are given annually to restaurants that have won the prestigious James Beard Award.

The winner of Davidson’s second-ever award was a Nashville establishment known as the “Dulce de Leche.”

The restaurant opened in 1999.

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