‘Fancy’ food, a bit of a trip: It’s the real deal at Bellagio Restaurant

In the past, it was easy to find a menu in any Bellagios restaurant that had the name of a restaurant that was on the menu.

But the menu of the latest Bellagione restaurant, the Bellagianto, has changed all that.

The menu is now filled with “Fancy” foods, like an oyster bisque and a fried chicken sandwich with bacon.

The food is now priced by the hour, so you can get the freshest, most delicious dishes at a fraction of the cost of a typical dinner.

“We’re very proud of the idea of having a food menu that’s so full of food that you can actually eat the whole thing,” said co-owner Jose Antonio Bellagia.

Bellagiones staff have also been experimenting with new and creative ways to serve their food, including putting a fried egg on top of the burger.

There are also new dishes like an Italian salad and a meatball sandwich.

The new menu is also full of new flavors, like the oyster burger and a grilled chicken sandwich that are new to Bellagiodo.

There is also a dessert menu that is filled with fruit and chocolate.

The restaurant is opening in early February.

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