What’s the most recent news on Japan restaurant chain Japantel?

Japentel (Japanese restaurant chain) has a new restaurant opening up in Japan.

The new establishment is located at the top of an old building in Yokohama, Japan.

Japents owner says it will be a unique dining experience and will offer an upscale Japanese menu. 

The restaurant will serve dishes like sushi, ramen, sashimi, and many other Japanese favorites.

Japaentel will also offer breakfast and lunch.

Japentels staff will be on hand to serve customers with a variety of Japanese food options, including a variety dishes made with tofu and chicken, as well as grilled meats. 

The new restaurant will be open from January through August.

 Japents new restaurant, which will be called Japants Tokyo, has a location in Yokosuka, Japan’s Tokyo city.

The location is being called Japaantel Tokyo for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is located on the same block as the old Tokyo Shinjuku, a landmark landmark of the city. 

Japaentels Tokyo is scheduled to open in mid-March and has been confirmed for June through August, according to the company’s official website. 

More info: https://www.japantelsjp.com/