How to make a Chinese burger for a cheap meal at the local eatery

Posted January 26, 2018 06:00:10The Chinese-style burger is the newest hot trend in Australia and it’s not a new concept at all.

But it’s a big hit at some Australian restaurants.

In the city of Melbourne, it’s been popular with Chinese diners since late last year, when it hit the news for its cost.

The chain, now with more than 300 locations across Australia, launched a new menu item in January and is offering a burger at just $1.99.

“It’s a pretty good deal if you are in the Melbourne area,” Mr Krys says.

“You’re probably not going to spend that much more than $1 for a burger, but the fact that you’re getting it for just $2.99 is pretty good.”

There are more than 40 restaurants in Melbourne offering Chinese-inspired burgers, from the Chinese restaurant at The Garden Restaurant to a restaurant at the Royal Park Hotel in the CBD.

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