How to find out whether a restaurant is ‘safe’ to eat in NYC

The New York City Department of Health has issued an advisory to restaurants that have been placed on the list of “safe places” for those who visit.

The new rules were created after a series of incidents involving food and drink in New York that has put the city on the forefront of an effort to ban dangerous foods in restaurants.

The Department of Public Health said that in a review of thousands of restaurant inspections from April 2016 through August 2017, it found that restaurants with the most violations were those that had a “dangerous food or drink” or “inappropriate use of utensils” within three days of the inspection.

Those with a “frequent or recurrent” violation, including serving alcohol, food preparation with a foreign object, or serving food or beverages without proper utensil use were also on the advisory list.

The department has not identified the restaurants that were on the new list, but in recent months, restaurants in New Jersey and Washington D.C. have been found to have failed to follow safety protocols.