How do you handle a customer who is yelling obscenities? It’s a common theme in many Texas restaurants.

The owners of several Galveston-area restaurants said they have had a few customers who have been disruptive and obnoxious at their restaurants.

They said the behavior is becoming more common, and the people they are dealing with are sometimes rude and belligerent.

One customer said he had to physically restrain another customer who was shouting obscenity.

“You don’t have to get the whole restaurant into a scuffle,” the man said.

“If you have a fight and you don’t get the fight over with, you’ve got to get a different customer, because otherwise they’re going to fight back.”

This behavior has prompted a few local businesses to adopt a policy against customers yelling obscensities.

“The customer that is yelling, I think they should be asked to leave, and if they are, that’s the way it should be handled,” said restaurant owner John B. Stokes.

He said that some customers have complained about the behavior at his restaurant.

“We are trying to make the restaurant more welcoming and accommodating,” he said.

A manager at a Houston restaurant said the loudness of the customers has been a problem.

“Sometimes they are yelling in a loud voice, and they are very loud, and it’s hard to keep a quiet atmosphere,” said manager Jessica Pfeifer.

“I do get some people who come in and say ‘You know, I’m so glad I don’t go to that place anymore,'” she said.

The manager said she is aware of several complaints about loud patrons at other restaurants.

“But you can’t control your patrons.

You have to control your own staff,” she said, adding that patrons should be allowed to shout at people who don’t respect their decor.

“It’s kind of the same as people who disrespect other people’s decor, and that’s not something we tolerate,” she added.