Why Scottsdale’s Newport Beach restaurants are getting new names

New Orleans restaurant owners are trying to take the spotlight away from their struggling restaurants in the city.

The Newport Beach-based Newport Beach Restaurant Association said the association’s executive committee voted Wednesday to rename some of its restaurants in anticipation of the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision to name some of the restaurant’s businesses was not a surprise.

It was announced Tuesday by Newport Beach Mayor Jim Cagle.

The new names will be unveiled Thursday.

“We’re looking at it as a chance to really acknowledge and celebrate the Newport Beach, and its diverse, inclusive community, while recognizing the hard work and hard work of our restaurant industry, which is struggling,” Cagle said Wednesday.

Cagle said he would like to see the names change to better reflect the city’s diverse culture and to reflect the community’s appreciation for local businesses.

“It’s really important for us to make sure we’re honoring our residents and honoring our businesses, because they are doing the work that’s required of them,” he said.

The association voted on Wednesday to move the names to the city of Newport Beach from other locations in the county.

Cagle plans to name new restaurants, but he has not set a date for when he will unveil them.

He said the name change is necessary for the city to honor the restaurants and their owners who have sacrificed so much to make the city a safe and welcoming place to live.

The board will decide on the names of restaurants and the names they will use on the city website by early December.

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