Which Seattle restaurants have the best pizza?

It’s not the best pie, but it’s certainly the best in town.

Seattle’s three pizza-themed restaurants are making the rounds in recent months, offering slices of a variety of pizzas, and there’s nothing better than a slice of the pie you’ve been waiting for.

In fact, the Seattle area is one of only two cities in the country where the pie has made it to the top of the pizza menu, according to data from Yelp.

So what makes the Seattle pie such a popular choice?

Here’s a look at three Seattle-area pizza restaurants that deserve your attention.


The Pizza Tavern 2.5 stars, based on reviews, and it’s a pizza restaurant in the heart of downtown.

The pizza is made fresh daily, and the pizza dough is rolled in a “grits” (a mixture of flour and salt) before being sliced into “loaves” (made of pizza flour).

There’s no wait at the Pizza Tavern, which is also the spot for breakfast and lunch on Sundays, when the wait is usually not too long.

And the pizza is topped with toppings, such as avocado and mushrooms, but also fresh mozzarella and mozzolini, fresh basil, and fresh oregano.

This is the best, and only pizza in the city, according the Yelp reviews.


The Pie Bar 2.9 stars, and based on the reviews, the pies are pretty good, too.

The pies are made fresh weekly, and are usually served on Sunday mornings at 4:30 p.m.

They are served with a large “bib” of cheese, and you can choose from two or three different toppings.

You can order a small pizza, or a large pie.

It’s a great place for an early breakfast or lunch, or even a late dinner.

The owners of The Pie bar in downtown Seattle are also the owners of a pizza delivery service called Pizza King.

The delivery service uses a pie as its delivery vehicle, but the pies have been made fresh all week.

They also serve sandwiches and salads, and sometimes even pizza.

The restaurant also offers a full-service bar, a pizza-delivery-deluxe, and a private pizza-ordering area.

The pie is usually topped with a slice, but they do offer a large crust pizza that can be topped with either a cheese or a sausage.


The Pizzeria at King 7.5 Stars, based a few reviews, is the perfect place for a late lunch.

It has a seating area and bar, and offers a pizza, pizza, and pizza.

And this is a great lunch spot, too!

The pizza, which usually has a topping of a sausage, is topped on the side with a mushroom, or with a vegetable and avocado.

And it’s really good, as long as you don’t leave with too much of a cold, which happens a lot at this location.

There’s a good pizza bar at this one too.


The Spicy Doughnut at the B&t’s Pizza 6.1 Stars, the best of all.

It is a full service pizza restaurant.

The owner of the restaurant is a pizza guy named Andrew.

You may recognize his name from the Yelp review that’s ranked No. 1 for the best Seattle pizza, even though he doesn’t do pizza himself.

And Andrew does not only serve pies, but he also makes the dough and makes the crust, too, including the topping.

The dough is made from scratch daily, which makes it the best dough on the planet, according a review on Yelp.

And that’s not all.

The best part about Andrew is that he doesn.t charge you a crust fee.

If you order a pizza without a crust, you can also get the crust free of charge, but you need to leave a tip of $5.

And there are a lot of other perks, too: there’s a bar for dinner and a bar during the day, and they also serve cocktails.


The Bistro at B&lt’s Pizza 7.7 Stars, and is the pizza of choice for lunch.

This restaurant is full of great pizza options, including their signature pizza and pizza with sausage.

And if you want something more traditional, they also offer a small slice of their famous sausage pizza, too — which you can get free of cost, too if you order it before 5 p.