Which of these restaurants is best for dinner?

It was a little disappointing to find out that while the New York Times ranked Madison’s restaurants as “the best in the world”, the Times also ranked its restaurants “the worst in the U.S.”.

The ranking was based on a review of the menu.

While Madison has some excellent dishes, we didn’t feel it was quite up to par with some of the other restaurants on the list.

That said, we did think the Madison food was delicious, and we would definitely recommend the Madison restaurants to any restaurant-goer.

Madison is one of the best restaurants in the country to eat at, especially when you consider that it is also home to a handful of restaurants that are known for their excellent food.

The food and service is great, but the dining experience was not what we were expecting.

The Madison restaurants are among the best in New York City, but we felt like we were getting the worst experience in the city.