Taco Bell’s new ‘Sushi Bowl’ won’t be limited to Texas


The brand name of Taco Bell.

The concept.

And the menu.

Taco Bell, the fast-food chain that is now the No. 1 burger chain in the country and has a cult following across the globe, is making a bold move into the Texas market.

It is opening a new menu concept, “Sushi Restaurant,” that includes a salad, fried chicken and other dishes, along with an emphasis on fresh ingredients.

And it is taking its menu concept to a new frontier.

The menu will be similar to the popular “Soupy Shack” concept, said Randy Schuster, a franchisee at Taco Bell restaurants in Texas and California.

That is, a menu of only what you need at your table, he said.

Tacobell has been exploring a new strategy to gain more local business in Texas.

It’s been investing in the state and is trying to create a more diversified brand, said Greg Johnson, a spokesman for the company.

Tacos, which started in the 1980s in Austin, is known for its fast-casual and casual dining experiences.

It has locations in Houston, Austin and Dallas, among others.

The company’s restaurants are now in more than 70 countries.