New restaurant opening in downtown Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff is becoming a foodie hotspot, and some of the best restaurants in the area are now opening their doors.

The newest restaurant to open is an Italian restaurant called “Bajos de la Luna,” located on the corner of North Broadway and North Broadway Street.

The owners of the restaurant are excited to announce the new restaurant is opening in the heart of downtown Flagler, just off of North Bemidji Avenue.

The restaurant is currently being run by four people.

The four people behind “Bijos de La Luna” are Joe Bajos, the restaurant’s owner, and his wife, Elena, and they are both natives of Mexico.

They are both avid foodies and are also avid climbers.

They plan to add a full-time chef as soon as they have the space.

Joe and Elena said the restaurant is the brainchild of Joe and Elena Bajas and their son.

The Bajajas had the idea to open a restaurant when they were working on their next project, but they were unable to get the approvals necessary to do so.

“It’s just such an amazing experience to come to this city and go to this beautiful location and be able to serve people and people come in from all over the world, and it’s just really nice to be able be a part of that and to have that kind of a community experience,” Elena said.

The Bajabs are very excited about this restaurant opening.

They’ve been wanting to open their own restaurant in the city for some time now, and their dream is to open in Flagler.

They said the Bajabas are very proud to be opening their first restaurant in a city that has such an eclectic culinary scene.

“We’re so happy that it’s finally happening and we’re really excited to be a member of the community, so that we can serve people,” Elena Bijos said.

“There’s something so magical about being able to create a restaurant in this beautiful place that you don’t necessarily have in your hometown.

It’s just a really unique experience,” Joe Bijas said.

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