How to get your pizza perfect on your first date

I can tell you, if I were to try to do my first date right now, I’d probably not end up having a great pizza.

There are some very specific steps I would recommend that I would follow to make my pizza perfect.


Choose a good crust.

I don’t want my pizza to be too crispy or go through too many puffs.

If it’s too dry or dry in the middle, it’s probably going to be a flop.

I like my crust to be soft, fluffy, and chewy.


Use your imagination.

A good crust will allow your pizza to stay fresh for the whole day.

If you’re a pizza fan, try to get a crust that’s at least a third smaller than the actual size of your pizza.


Use a thin pizza stone.

The thinner the crust, the easier it is to roll it up and slice it. 4.

Use the pizza stone to roll up your pizza pieces.

I always use the thicker end of the pizza ring when I roll them up, which allows me to easily remove them and set them aside.


Don’t use too much toppings.

You can make your own toppings with whatever you have in your pantry.

But I suggest you use a pizza stone that has a thin crust.


Use an oilier pizza stone, like a pizza iron.

If your pizza stone has a crust, it will work best for a thinner crust.


Get your ingredients ready.

The pizza stone will allow you to get everything you need to make your pizza, including the toppings and sauces.

Make sure you have the toppling mix ready to go. 8.

Set your oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you take your pizza out of the oven, you want it to be perfectly crispy, even when it’s set in the oven.


Roll the dough around the pizza, then set it aside for 20 minutes.

You want to let it set up and be ready for your next bite.


When it’s ready, slice it up.

To get the perfect crust, roll the pizza into the thickness you want.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you want the crust to not be too thick.


Once the crust is set, you can add your sauce and toppings, and serve it.

I usually get a lot of people asking me what they should do next, so here are some tips for getting the perfect pizza: 1.

Don the right colors.

If there are a lot people in the restaurant, the colors of the colors will have an impact on how people will react to your pizza when they sit down.

Try to make the pizzas in a variety of colors.

It will make your night that much more memorable.

2, Don’t order too much pizza.

You will get a good pizza when you’re satisfied with the ingredients.

If people are eating pizza all day, they’ll eat your pizza just to eat more.

3, Don.

try the toppages in different amounts.

A lot of pizza shops will let you order toppings in one size, but if you’re ordering toppings at the same time, make sure they’re all different sizes.

4, Be aware of your table size.

If the tables are crowded, your pizza will be more of a fluke.

5, If you want to get extra creative, make your pies with cheese.

Some pizza shops have a pizza that’s made from fresh mozzarella cheese.

If that’s not your thing, you may be able to order a different cheese, such as mozz, which will also work well.

6, Try to order your pizza at the end of your meal.

You won’t want to be eating too much of your pie.

7, Be sure to leave room in your plate for your sauce.

If someone orders pizza, you should leave room for the sauce.

8, Be careful when placing your order.

If somebody leaves after your meal, don’t feel like you wasted any food.

If they leave after your pizza and you feel like they should, just leave it. 9, Don a few different toppings before ordering your pizza or dessert.

You might want to try different toppages on your pizza for different people.

10, Don your best pizza and leave room.

If at any point, someone starts eating, just ask them to take a break.

You’re not going to feel bad eating that much pizza anyway.

11, Don the perfect slice.

It’s so important to leave enough room in the plate for the pizza and dessert.

12, Get creative.

I love that a lot more pizza shops are starting to make pizzas that are made with a different type of cheese.

I’m especially excited to try out the new cheese I ordered at a local pizza shop.

13, And for those of you that love the idea of making your own sauce, you might want a pizza maker