How to cook a steak and get the most out of it

A steakhouse in the Houston suburb of Estes Park has opened its doors for the summer, offering a taste of what Texas food is really like.

For $69.99 a plate, the steakhouse will offer steaks from the legendary Pueblo, the one and only chef, for a menu of items from the most traditional dishes to the most recent and contemporary creations.

And it’s all on the house.

“Our steakhouse is a unique dining experience,” owner Jim Pemberton said.

“It’s really something you’re going to have to try.”

It’s also a sign of the times, with many chefs being forced to go to places that aren’t always well-suited for the meat.

At some restaurants, steak, or even pork belly, has become an afterthought, the kind of thing you can order for $10 and not expect much.

The Pueblos are a family-run steakhouse, and the restaurant will be a small space for now, but it’s expected to expand to larger space by the end of the year.

Pembertons wife, Sherri, is a retired homemaker, and she said the couple, who live in Estes Parks, wanted to bring some family-friendly offerings to the area.

The couple, with three children, also have a dog and a cat.

“We want our restaurant to be an open-minded and welcoming place, where everybody can come in and experience a steak, a rib eye, a brisket, or a steakhouse steak,” PemberTON said.

The restaurant will offer four types of steaks, plus an appetizer and a dessert.

The meat will be hand-cut, and it will be served fresh, with a side of fries.

The menu will also feature items such as fried chicken, chicken fingers and a bacon cheeseburger.

The restaurant’s owner, Jim Pueblon, said he’s trying to open his own steakhouse after his wife passed away in 2014.

The last steak he did was at his father’s home in Houston.

“I’ve wanted to open my own steak restaurant for a long time,” Pueblons wife said.

The family also has other plans for the steak.

They have plans to open a restaurant in another part of the city, with plans to add to the menu, like a seafood section.

Pueblton said he hopes to open the first restaurant in Estespace in June.

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