How to celebrate Charleston’s first anniversary with burgers

A burger joint has been transformed into a city-wide celebration, with the owners of the Burger King franchise offering free burgers and a barbecue on Sunday., Melbourne’s premier news website, reports the city’s first burger joint will open at the end of the month in downtown, where it will serve a selection of burgers.

Read more:Charleston is celebrating its first birthday on the 25th of April and, as usual, the city is hosting celebrations.

The Burger King will offer free burgers to celebrate with customers.

“We’re very excited to have Burger King in the city,” said Burger King spokesman Steve Cusack.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to bring people together, and the restaurant is an important part of our city.”

Read more about the city:The menu will include burgers, sandwiches, salads, sides, a barbecue, fries and more.

It is expected to be open from 4pm until 9pm on Sunday with the first customers expected to arrive by 8pm.

A burger joint opened in New York’s Greenwich Village in 2011.