Chinese restaurant closes in Colombia amid crackdown

Colombia’s Ministry of Culture has closed a restaurant that had been in operation since the early 1990s.

The restaurant, which opened in Culver’s on the island of La Paz, has now been closed for a period of three years, the ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

The closure of the restaurant follows a crackdown on the illegal business of Chinese restaurants and bars in Colombia.

Colombian police have said the Chinese restaurants were “the main source of the illegal traffic” and that they pose a threat to public order and public health.

Earlier this month, a police raid on a Chinese restaurant in Colombia’s western region of Tulum resulted in the seizure of nearly 500kg (1,500lb) of cocaine.

Chinese restaurant owner Li Guofu told the Colombian media earlier this month that the restaurant had been the source of his business for years, although the owners deny the allegations.

The restaurants have faced a number of setbacks in recent years, including being forced to close their doors in the US, as part of the US-China Free Trade Agreement.

The Chinese restaurant has been one of the most popular venues for Chinese Americans, who were among the first to open their doors to the US.