Arlington restaurant gets new name, new logo after naming dispute

Arlington, VA (AP) The owners of a local restaurant that was renamed “Arlington Restaurant” in court this month say the change was made in response to a trademark dispute.

In a statement issued Saturday, the owners of Arlene’s Kitchen, Inc. said they were pleased with the court’s ruling that the change to the name was in accordance with state law.

The restaurant had been named “Arlandina’s” in Arlington County for decades, but in recent years it has been known by a different name, according to the statement.

The court ruling, which was filed this month, said the owners sought a trademark on the name “Arlone Kitchen” because of its association with the name of a restaurant in New York City that was the subject of a 2016 lawsuit filed by the restaurant’s owner.

The restaurant in question was closed when it closed in 2018.

The owner of the restaurant told the Arlington County Circuit Court clerk that his name was not on the lawsuit, and he filed a petition for an emergency restraining order to prevent the court from enforcing its decision.