A Hawaiian restaurant and wine bar will open in Peru in 2017

Peruvian restaurants are slowly opening up, but the first one in Peru to really stand out from the crowd is called the Laguna Beach Restaurants.

The concept has been in the works for years, but when it finally came together it was a bit of a surprise.

Located in Laguna de las Sagres, Laguna Restaurant & Bar will be the first Peruvian restaurant in the country to serve wine and seafood, as well as offering the best in craft beer.

And, you can expect it to be the only place in Peru with a full bar.

And yes, that means there will be craft beers on tap.

The Laguna Hotel & Bar is located at Laguna beach, and it will offer a full-service restaurant with bar-style service.

But the concept has always been a bit more exotic.

And so the restaurant will be a bit different than the others, with a small patio seating area with a bar and a table, as seen in this concept render.

It will also offer an extensive wine list, including some of the best wines in the region, like the Pecos, as this concept shot from the hotel’s promotional video.

And the food will be something you’ll want to try out: the menu at Lagunas Laguna will be completely vegan, with all meat dishes including chicken and beef being vegan as well.