Why this restaurant’s bombshells is actually pretty rad

I spent a week in Tokyo, and while I enjoyed the Japanese cuisine and the people, I also had to admit that the bomb-sheltering service at the Shinjuku Shinjitsu is definitely not for the faint of heart.

I’m sure many other Japanese will find the Japanese bomb-sniffing service to be a lot of fun, but I’m a big fan of bombshell sushi.

And in my humble opinion, it’s one of the best sushi restaurants in the world.

And while I’m not a big sushi fan, I’m certainly a big sucker for a spicy, bomb-heavy dish.

So, when I heard about a new Shinjutsu sushi restaurant in Tokyo that was serving up some very unique sushi, I was instantly intrigued.

 The name of the restaurant is Shinjutsushi, which translates to Bomb Sniffing Restaurant, but the actual restaurant itself is Shin-jutsu, which means “bomb-snail.” 

The first thing that struck me about Shinjitsushi was that it was a Japanese themed restaurant, so there was a huge Japanese flag on the front of the building.

The restaurant was also in a very quiet part of Shinjikis neighborhood.

When I walked into Shinjetsushi, the kitchen looked very empty.

A sign that read “bomb snail” hung on the wall.

And inside the restaurant, I found a few interesting things.

There was a giant bomb-screws, a Japanese style sushi roll that was served with a small spoon, and a big, large, spicy bomb.

I couldn’t tell you what the bomb looked like, but it looked pretty damn spicy.

I also noticed that one of their sushi rolls looked like it was made of bamboo.

Shinjutsashis Japanese style bomb rolls (left), and a sushi roll made of a bamboo skewer (right).

Shinjans sushi roll looks pretty spicy.

The bomb roll itself was quite large, and the sushi roll was also quite large.

The only thing that I was really excited about was that they had a limited number of rolls available.

If you were looking for a big bomb roll, they had about five, and if you were going for a small bomb roll like I was, you were probably looking at about four.

The menu offered three different types of sushi rolls, with the biggest being the big, spicy roll, and it was served in a large bowl.

I ordered the big roll, which was a spicy Japanese roll with a ton of spice.

The flavors were all very well balanced.

And of course, the bomb roll was big. 

(Click on the photos to enlarge) I was surprised to see that they offered a variety of sizes of bomb rolls.

The larger size had a lot more meat on it than the smaller size, and that’s a good thing.

It’s a bit more crunchy and crunchy-ish than most bomb rolls, and I love that.

And the spicy roll was probably the highlight of the entire menu.

As for the food, I actually really enjoyed the sushi.

They had some pretty unique and interesting flavors, but at the same time, I really liked the spicy bomb roll.

The spicy roll itself had a ton and a lot, but there was also a lot and a little meat on top.

(Click the photos for full size) It was a really nice spicy roll with some meat on the top. 

Shinjitsushis menu is filled with spicy flavors.

I loved the big sushi roll. 

There’s also a small, sweet roll that they’re serving, which is basically the same thing as the big one, but slightly softer and less crunchy. 

And the big spicy roll that I ordered was very delicious, and very spicy.

It was really good. 

It was actually really hard to find the small, soft bomb roll in the Shinju sushi shop, so I ended up ordering the large spicy roll.

This was actually the one that I ended with, because I was in a rush and the large roll was more of a challenge to get, but when I got the large one, I couldn´t resist. 

The large spicy bomb is a lot bigger than the small one.

And then, I ordered a sushi plate.

This one was just a normal sushi plate, but they’re still serving a lot. 

I’m a huge fan of spicy food, so this sushi plate was really something special.

I just loved it. 

They even serve a spicy sauce.

I love spicy sauce!

I’m really partial to spicy sauces, so the spicy sauce was definitely on point.

The sauce is really nice and creamy, and really adds a lot to the flavor of the sushi, so it really complimented the spicy rolls really well. 

This is also where I really enjoyed my visit to Shinjiesushi.

I ordered a couple of their “g