Which are the best downtown dining destinations?

Chicago, IL – FEBRUARY 02: A woman walks past a closed restaurant on the South Side of Chicago during the Chicago Blackhawks game against the New York Rangers at the United Center on February 2, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) (Photo: Scott Olson, Getty Images)Chicago’s most iconic eateries are now more than 50 years old.

The restaurant scene, which was once dominated by the likes of Cheesecake Factory and Olive Garden, has become increasingly upscale with new chains like Barbecue Kitchen and Bistro Macaroni Grill opening in recent years.

We’re seeing a renaissance of restaurants that are very different than they used to be,” says Mark Pecoraro, the chief executive of the Chicago Restaurant Association.

There are now hundreds of restaurants, including several in the top 100,000 in the U.S., Pecararo says.

Restaurants like Bar-B-Q and Kettle and Fire have become well-known.

But some of the best new restaurants in Chicago are taking advantage of their location, location, and location’s proximity to the Loop.

Chicagoans are drawn to a restaurant experience because it’s affordable, the vibe is relaxed, and the food is authentic. “

It’s not just restaurants, it’s bars, restaurants, restaurants,” he says.

Chicagoans are drawn to a restaurant experience because it’s affordable, the vibe is relaxed, and the food is authentic.

Restaurateur and restaurateur of the year Tony Pesca says he sees the Loop as a haven for locals to come to and stay.

For him, the Loop is a haven.

It’s where you go to get a drink, a meal, a haircut, and then leave.

And, he says, the food here is better than anywhere else in the city.

In addition to the best restaurants in the Loop, Pescararo’s list of top 10 restaurants in New York includes two in Chicago and one in New Jersey.

Here’s Pescoraro’s Top 10:1.

Kettle & Fire (212 N. Pulaski Rd., Westchester, N.Y.)2.

K.M.A.B. (2039 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, Ill.)3.

The Spruce Goose (1541 N. Lake Shore Dr., Chicago)4.

The Lizzie Bar (1820 N. Milwaukee Ave., Evanston, Ill)5.

The Biscuit Shop (2221 W. Michigan Ave., Des Moines, Iowa)6.

The Tenderloin (531 N. Clark St., Chicago)*7.

Kona House (827 N. LaSalle St., Des Plaines, Ill)*8.

Cask & Sons (1330 W. Van Buren St., Joliet, Ill).9.

Big Sky (2108 N. Cicero Ave., Champaign, Ill.10.

L’Elegant Cuisine (2214 N. Central Ave., Oak Park, Ill.).

The Chicago Restaurant Industry Association says Chicago restaurants have become more diverse, with more chefs coming from out of town.

It also says that more restaurants are opening.

“We are seeing the return of restaurants to the city, particularly in downtown Chicago, where they’ve been around for a while,” says Kevin Pare, executive director of the association.

“But we also see the emergence of more restaurants in neighborhoods that haven’t been visited by the restaurants that have been here before.”

More than 70 percent of restaurants in Cook County opened within the past five years, and more than two-thirds of restaurants were within 10 miles of a major transit stop, according to the association, which has been tracking Chicago’s dining scene since 2009.

That’s partly because the area is home to the University of Illinois at Chicago, the largest campus of any U. of I. campus.

The school opened its first restaurant in Chicago in 1959.

Pecorararo estimates that in Chicago alone, more than 4,000 restaurants opened in the past decade, and a number of new chains have opened.

But he also says there is a lot of growth happening, especially in restaurants that don’t have traditional locations in the neighborhood.

“They’re just moving into the suburbs.

There’s a lot more options out there, especially for young people who are not necessarily traditional restaurant customers,” Pecardos says.”

And those people have the ability to come and have fun with the food.

You’re not going to find that at Olive Garden.

They’re going to want to try something new, and that’s the best thing about the Loop.”

Pecaro also says the best way to stay in the loop is to visit a restaurant before going out.

“If you’re out there at lunch or dinner and then you go

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