What is Fort Myers Restaurant’s new black owned restaurant?

A new black-owned restaurant has opened at Fort Myers, Florida’s newest airport.

The Fort Myers Parkes, a chain of upscale Korean restaurants, opened the restaurant on Monday.

Fort Myers Parke has opened a new Korean restaurant at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

The restaurant will serve a menu that includes Korean food, a Korean fusion restaurant and Korean-style kimchi rolls, according to the Fort Myers News-Press.

It was created by Korean restaurant owner and chef Lee Young-joon, who said the idea came about after he came across a Korean restaurant that was serving Korean food at Fort Miami International Airport in Miami.

Fort Lauderdale airport has long been criticized for serving outdated food and bad service, but Lee said the new Korean-owned Fort Myers restaurant will be the first Korean-American restaurant at the airport.

It’s a huge opportunity for us to continue the positive momentum we’re having with our Korean food and Korean fusion and with the growth of our Korean population, Lee said.

We’re very excited to welcome Fort Myers Airport to the Korean family.