How to Find Your Next Restaurant Menu, GrubHub Says

Restaurant chains have been busy promoting their new menu options over the past few weeks, but they may be missing one of the most important pieces of information: the number of restaurants on the menu.

Grubhub, a major restaurant search tool, said Tuesday it will soon roll out an updated version of its app, which will help customers find their next meal.

The company said the updated app will allow users to find restaurants, their menu options and the location of their next order, with the new menu available to users in “coming weeks.”

The new app is a major milestone for Grubhost, which was founded in 2012.

It has a massive database of more than 400,000 restaurants that it uses to serve more than 100 million users a month, according to company co-founder David Auerbach.

In its first year, the app helped users search for restaurants in more than 5,000 cities and towns across the country.

The app has become a critical component of the food-service industry as it expands across the U.S., including in the restaurant industry, where more than 50 percent of restaurants now use the app, according the New York Times.

Grubhub said the new app will include more information about restaurants and will help users find restaurants by searching for a restaurant’s name and address, as well as the type of food they serve.

The new app also allows users to see a restaurant map, a menu overview and a list of restaurants nearby, as part of the menu information.

“The app is going to be really helpful for people,” Auerbert said.

“When people go to the restaurant and they see the map, they can see where their next restaurant is.

They can see that menu, the food that they’re going to order, their food and they can pick what they want to eat.

They don’t have to go to a restaurant.

They just have to say ‘I want my burger.'”

The company said users can now also search for specific types of food.

The latest version of the app has also added the ability to view the location information of a restaurant by going to a search bar in the top right corner.

Auerbach said the app will also be updated to include a bar that displays restaurant reviews, and it will be easier to find restaurant locations based on the type and quality of food on the restaurant menu.

Grabhub said it will roll out the new version of their app in phases, with users being able to use the new feature for up to 24 hours after the release of the updated version.

Users can also download the app from the App Store and use it for free, according Grub Host.

The updated app is available now on the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store.

The new version will also have more detailed information about the type, quality and location of food served, as the app can now show the type (including beef and veggie), the number and the type size of the ingredients and the amount of time a restaurant has been open, according Auerberg.

The update will also allow users access to a bar of restaurant reviews to help users decide whether to order a particular meal, according